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TSM Insurance is excited to offer our clients an analysis of the Affordable Care Act’€™s (ACA) potential impact on their employee health plan benefits. The information developed in the study will provide the basis for creating an action plan for Health Care Reform going forward and assess the data needed for making strategic decisions about your health plans.

This study provides the documentation you need for your organization’s management and board members to make sure you are prepared for the changes resulting from the ACA and ensure that you will not be surprised by any unforeseen exposures. The Health Care Reform Strategic Impact Study objectives are to:

  • Provide actionable data for the development of a multi-year strategic plan to mitigate the financial impact of Health Care Reform on the health plan
  • Project how provisions of the ACA may affect the result of plan design or contribution changes under consideration to protect the financial viability of the plan
  • Estimate the number of employees who could meet eligibility for Medicaid or Federal Premium
  • Subsidies in the 2014 State or Federal Health Plan Exchanges
  • Analyze the potential impact of the health plan participation due to the ACA and the relative health risk of the participant pool
  • Identify potential strategic opportunities

TSM’s Health Care Reform Consulting Services

TSM’s Health Care Reform Consulting Services offer added value in interpreting and applying the results of the Strategic Impact Study to your specific plans and employee group. Your TSM Insurance consultants will assist with:

  • Prioritizing findings in alignment with your objectives and those of your employee organizations
  • Creating a recommended action plan
  • Evaluating and modeling various plan design and contribution strategies
  • Developing employee wellness and condition management approaches
  • Determining options for continuing employer-sponsored coverage with alternatives to the Exchange
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